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running in circles until we're blue

leaving bruises on our souls/soles

that one chick with nothing (& everything) to say.
9 April 1992
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leaving bruises on our souls/soles
i believe when god made you
he knew you had words to give
so he gave you his favorite songbird
and told you to be patient.
somewhere god is weeping
i think you broke the songbird's heart.

when i was made in your mold
(recycling was all the buzz)
god gave me his sweetest angel
and told me to be careful.
somewhere god is weeping,
i think i'm going to break that angel's heart.
i've come to a conclusion: with what little i actually know about pete wentz, i feel like i'm the female version of him. i'm not trying to be narcissist but that's how i feel. i can't help that.

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